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Is your PC feeling a little sick? Does it seem to move much slower on the Internet? Are you constantly plagued by pop-up after pop-up?

In today’s ever changing world, Allpro Technology continues to adapt to the changing virus and malware lansdscape. We use the most effective tools and methods to remove viruses, malware and un-wanted information from your computer.



This is the most common form of disruption on the modern computer. During the installation or download of a program other unwanted programs install and disrupt the operation of your computer.


Spyware can be used on any computer to obtain sensitive information from the computer’s hard drive or as it is typed into the computer. Spyware can cause identity theft and should be taken seriously.


Although viruses are not as common as they used to be, they can still be found if your computer is not protected. Make sure your computer is running an operating system that is up to date and has an effective anti-virus program installed and activated in order to protect yourself.

Protect Your Computer

If your computer is unprotected from malware and viruses, or if they are left untreated, it may cause significant damage to your personal files and to your operating system. They can result in compromised personal data, spread to other computers, or worse. From childhood photos to financial records, you stand to lose not just time and data, but memories.  Pictures, movies, music, databases, important documents, applications, and other files can become corrupt and unrecoverable!

You’re probably thinking, “I have an anti-virus, so I’ll be OK.” While having an anti-virus on your system is key, an anti-virus doesn’t stop everything! Systems that have active and updated anti-virus software can still have several infections. These types of infection can include key loggers, that record every keystroke you type and share that info with hackers. How often do you enter credit card numbers, online passwords, bank account information, or other sensitive data?

Allpro Technology uses some of most advanced tools in the industry to help keep you infection free. Our full clean-up service removes unwanted and harmful pieces of software from your computer. We also update your software, so it’s running with the most current virus definitions and security available. For true peace of mind regarding computer updates and security, consider our remote monitoring and management, Allpro RMM allows us to ensure your computer is secure, up to date, and running well. With Allpro Technology managing your security and maintenance, there is no need to sweat IT.

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