Starlink – High-Speed Internet Out Of This World (Literally)

Are you looking for a great alternative from your current internet service provider (ISP) for high-speed internet service? Starlink ( is now available throughout most of the continental U.S. along with 54 other countries around the world. Even in the most remote and rural locations, you now have an option to connect to high-speed, low-latency internet service. You’ll be able to engage in activities that historically were either very difficult or not possible, especially with traditional satellite internet providers – streaming services, video calls, even online gaming, and more. There is no contract and truly unlimited data. Important Note: Starlink may not be installed in *heavily* wooded areas as tall trees directly surrounding the house or business can potentially cause obstructions.

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Professional Installation

Allpro technology provides comprehensive professional installation for your Starlink internet service.

Our professional installation process includes:

  • Consultation: We can help you before the purchase with a site-survey to assess your location and determine the optimal installation approach and accessory selection. Eliminate the guesswork and book your consultation.
  • Wiring and Installation: We expertly route and connect all necessary wiring. If applicable, we’ll integrate the system seamlessly into your existing network.
  • System Testing: We thoroughly test your Starlink installation to confirm optimal performance and provide guidance on usage and maintenance.

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Basic Self-Installation

For very basic installations where you’re not going to be mounting the Starlink dish and routing it through your house or building, you may not need to have a professional install your service. If you would like to try an do it yourself, you can watch the installation video here:

You can also follow these few steps:

  1. Identify the install location that will provide the best quality of service. Starlink requires a clear view of the sky in order to connect with the satellites. Objects that obstruct the connection (roof, trees, etc) will cause service interruptions.
  2. Download the Starlink App (Android / iOS). This will help you identify the install location and ensure the best quality of service, check for obstructions, setup your Starlink hardware, verify your WiFi connection, and troubleshoot connectivity problems.
  3. Plug Starlink In. Plug Starlink into the router and then plug into power. Starlink will automatically level itself to search for satellites. After a few minutes, an initial connection to the Starlink constellation will be made (Starlink dish will tilt to the optimum angle automatically).
  4. Connect to Starlink WiFi. Open your mobile device, look for the STARLINK network and connect to it. When connected, a browser window will prompt you to enter new network settings (SSID and password). Then you’ll connect to the new network you created.

Recommended Accessories (Purchased Separately from Starlink)

Ethernet Adapter

The Starlink Router is wireless only. If you are connecting Starlink to your existing network, or you have wired devices, you will need to purchase the Ethernet Adapter which directly connects to the Starlink Router to provide wired networking.

Long Arm Mount

Designed for installation on an exterior wall near the top of a gable. The extra length provides clearance of overhang when needed for the satellite dish. The satellite dish by default only has legs for placing on the ground. We will not mount the satellite dish directly on your roof, so a long arm mount is needed.

150FT Replacement Cable (Not An Extension Cable)

Starlink comes packaged with a 75′ cable. We have come across many installations where the 150′ cable was needed because after mounting the satellite dish and routing the cable through the house or building, the length exceeded the default 75′ cable and you can’t connect them to eachother to extend the distance, a replacement cable will be needed.

Cable Routing Kit

Provides a clean installation when running cable through the wall from the outside into your house or building. Not recommended for masonry, concrete, or hard coat stucco (there is a Masonry Routing Kit designed for this instead).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the professional installation cost?
Installation cost is based on our hourly on-site service rate and varies based on the job. On average, most installations take 3-5 hours (~$499). If you have a sophisticated network, installation could take longer.

Do I need to purchase the Starlink Equipment?
Yes. You will need to purchase and sign-up for Starlink internet service prior to installation. Once equipment arrives, please contact us to schedule the installation.

Do you sell Starlink internet?
No. Allpro Technology does not sell Starlink internet, the hardware, or service. To sign-up for Starlink, please visit Once you’ve received your hardware kit in the mail, please contact us for assistance to install and setup the service.

Allpro Technology is not affiliated with, endorsed, or contracted by Starlink, we are independent installers.

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