Security Awareness Training

If you were asked what the most significant vulnerability to your company’s online security is, what would your answer be?

The most likely answer may surprise you; it’s probably your staff. Statistics have shown that 91% of data breaches begin with phishing attacks, which rely on users clicking malicious links in innocent looking emails. Even the best antivirus software won’t always be able to protect your systems from threats like malicious email links, phishing websites, or social engineering. The best protection against these types of threats is education. Cyber criminals are counting on people being naïve to their tactics; simply knowing what to look out for, and taking the time to look for it, can tip you off to the fact that you are being scammed.

As an IT Service Provider, keeping business systems, networks, and data secure is a crucial part of our job. As part of that security effort, we are now offering online email safety and best practices training for you and your staff. This training program will allow us to create a curriculum specifically tailored to your needs. We can send users in your organization fake phishing emails before training to evaluate need and after training to see where we still need improvement. Click the button below for more information on how Allpro Technology can help close the gaps in your IT security. Remember, it’s better to invest in your security today, than wish you had tomorrow!

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